The European Day of Languages - 26th September 2014

Europe – a relatively small continent, but a veritable treasure trove of languages – a treasure that we are rarely conscious of or cherish to the full. How fitting it is, then, to focus on our linguistic heritage once a year by celebrating the European Day of Languages (EDL): a day designed to raise our consciousness, stimulate and satisfy our curiosity about languages in Europe.

The ICC, its member organisations, and all those active in the field of language learning and teaching have been encouraged to grasp this opportunity to focus on the use and usefulness of a knowledge of and competence in language skills. Our Serbian member organisation, St Nicolas School (, has already marked the EDL as an important date in its calendar, and offers a range of activities and events to stimulate interest in language and language learning. Topics include multi-culturalism and language diversity in Europe, films about different European countries, concerts with talented learners playing and singing in different languages or special, intensive courses providing interesting information about languages and the EDL. We encourage all our member organisations to follow suit, if they have not already set up a special EDL-day and to spread the word by making the information available to all via the ICC website.


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Language Identity and Culture in language education

Read the documents of the 20th ICC Annual Conference 2013.


The overall theme “Language Identity and Culture in Language Education” focusses on one of the fundamental debates within the world of languages and language education. Contributors to this publication were invited to address the following questions:



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