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The University of Westminster is situated in central London and has over 20,000 students, approximately half of whom are part time. The University has been teaching languages continuously since the nineteenth century, when the then Royal Polytechnic Institution taught Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Through the Department of Diplomacy and Applied Languages (DDAL) the University provides tuition in 26 languages, and we offer testing services in a further ten, providing one of the largest ranges of language teaching available to the public in the United Kingdom. Some 2,000 students take the modern languages evening language classes, while the postgraduate courses in translating and interpreting are highly regarded internationally, including recognition by AIIC – the International Association of Conference Interpreters. DDAL has one of the UK’s largest British Council IELTS Testing Centres for English as a Foreign Language and is an accredited trainer for British and overseas government departments.

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Rob Williams
Department of Diplomacy and Applied Languages
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