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EUROLTA and the Hellenic Culture Centre, Santorini, Greece

The Hellenic Culture Centre (HCC), a prestigious institution in Greece, organizes a combination of teaching Greek as a foreign language and an original educational tourism programme for adults who want to learn Greek and get acquainted with the rich Greek culture.

Ms. Ifigenia Georgiadou, the Director of HCC, believes firmly that the teaching of a foreign language is essentially an invitation to adult students to learn not only the language but also the culture of that country.

HCC’s linguistic, cultural and educational programmes take place in Santorini Island and in Athens. It is an exclusive provider of high quality Greek courses and cultural activities. It helps its students, both language learners and trainee teachers, to enjoy the learning process and vouch for professional as well as personal development. The HCC publishes books and special educational materials in Greek language , in culture and in research on teaching Greek as a foreign language. Almost all the programmes for language learners and teachers are offered online.


HCC offers intensive Greek courses (two weeks, 66 hours) and extensive programmes, as well as private lessons. Apart from the levels A1 – C2, the school organizes special language programmes: Greek Literature, Legal Terminology, Greek course for Translators and Interpreters, Katharevousa, three-month perfection programmes (which includes Greek History, Geography, Financial and Legal terminology, practice in interpretation and translation).

The language programme is supplemented by a parallel programme of educational and cultural activities: cultural presentations, Greek dancing and singing lessons, Greek cuisine lessons, taking part in theatrical plays and concerts, visits and discussions in museums, trips to places of great natural beauty and cultural value. In this context , HCC has developed many original learning- by- doing activities: learners can go to a farm to talk about the fava beans and cherry tomatoes, press grapes at a winery or visit a ceramist and create their own pottery.

The Hellenic Culture Centre has also been offering Teacher Training Programmes in teaching Greek as a foreign language since 2000. The institution has been certified by the International Language Association (ICC) as the only EUROLTA CENTRE in Greece, and provides Certification to language teachers. The school has won the third GINCO Quality Award 2012.

Ms. Myriam Fischer (EUROLTA Project Manager) has run an Audit to accredit HCC for two further EUROLTA programmes: EUROLTA Diploma and EUROLTA Online Language Teacher Training for Adults. Ms. Fischer congratulated HCC for providing high quality language teacher training in Greece.


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