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After the Conference...

It was a great opportunity for me to attend the 22nd Annual Conference of ICC, held between 28-29 of November 2015 in Graz (Austria), under the logo “Languages at Work 2020”!

The ECML as the venue of the conference offered excellent facilities in an esthetic and intellectual environment!

The conference, in essence, was an interactional one! What does it mean? Every activity (and there were quite a few) have had a huge and important impact on the mind and heart of the participants.

The opening session of the conference – jointly held by the co-chairs Tony Fitzpatrick and Ellinor Haase – looked more like a friendly conversation between two people who wondered what they were looking for there but having, after a short reflection, found the right answers concerning the agenda of the conference.

The topics selected by the keynote speakers (Sarah Breslin, Bernd Rϋschoff, Josef Huber, Ian McMaster, and Michael Carrier) led to deep reflections and questions in the mind of participants and their answers were gracious but accurate.

The three rounds of World Café, attended by all the 30 participants, were extremely engaging and fruitful concerning the burden of the future approaches in teaching and learning languages as well as in using the proper language in teaching/ using proper strategies in teaching/, learning and education!

The parallel workshops managed by Matilde Grϋnhage Monetti, Rob Williams, Thomas Nolan Kelly and Tony Fitzpatrick offered participants yet another opportunity to interact with the others and to exchange ideas as well as their own views, so as to provoke a transformation through learning!

Last but not least, the debate "This house believes that the only language at work in 2020 in a global context will be English" was an energetic way of putting participants into the process of simultaneously training and learning, thus giving satisfaction to them all!

What has remained clear in my mind, after this conference, is that language is "the heart of learning" and each teacher or trainer contributes with a brick to the wonderful building of the city of learning!

Prof. dr. Dorin Herlo | “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad | Romania


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