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Conference 2015 - Information Note for programme

Speakers and participants:

We have managed to "recruit" very well known, experienced colleagues in the field as keynote speakers for this year’s conference. . Apart from Sarah Breslin, Executive Director of the ECML, we have speakers like Prof Bernd Rüschoff, President of AILA, and Josef Huber, Head of the Pestalozzi Programme at the Council of Europe, as well as other leading colleagues in the field, including a number of members of the Professional Network Forum of the ECML.

However, the strength of this year’s conference lies in the format, which will facilitate rich exchanges between ALL participants, ensuring that a wide range of parameters will be taken into account when peering into the “crystal ball” to predict what language teaching and learning will look like in 2020.


Based upon the success of the conference in Mainz, we are designing the conference in an extremely interactive form, and expect that the forward-looking nature of the event will provide a "Delphi Oracle" type of prediction of what awaits us in the field of language learning and language teaching in 2020.

Venue: We are delighted to be able to hold the conference in the premises of the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) with the help and support of ECML staff. In addition, the Professional Network Forum of the ECML will be meeting at the Centre the day before, and a number of members of that group have already signalled their interest in attending and taking an active part in the conference.


We have managed to procure overnight accommodation at the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy (Barmherzige Schwester - Those who have already attended workshops or other events at the ECML will be familiar with the accommodation, which is extremely good value for money (€ 40 per night for B&B) and centrally situated (within walking distance of the ECML), quiet and peaceful.

However, the amount of rooms available is limited. We would, therefore, encourage you to book your accommodation immediately. The nature of the accommodation will also lend itself naturally to exchanges between conference participants at an informal level beyond the framework offered at the ECML.


The ICC very much looks forward to receiving your feedback.

Please feel free to contact us via our feedback form

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